Ecologic™ TOPCOAT™


Lime Plaster Finish

  • G
  • F
  • XF Exterior
  • XF Platinum Interior
  • 1 Quart
  • 30 Pound
  • 38.5 Pound

Topcoat is based on Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and uses various graded sands for the (G) “Coarse” or (F) “Fine” sanded finishes which are intended for External Lime Render shelter coats:

  • G – a Scratch Coat in a lime plaster system over non-rusting “self-furring” lath or when placed directly over cured TAKCOAT™ Platinum in certain applications. Ecologic™ Mortar in the “Coarse-sanded grade (G)” can also be mixed with 1/3 part TAKCOAT™ Platinum when the Scratch Coat is going to be placed directly over only pre-dampened and clean brick or stone when doing a traditional parging application without lath. Ecologic™ Mortar in the “Coarse-sanded grade (G)” can be used as successive Brown Coats to build up the thickness of the lime plaster system to level out a wall as needed. Ecologic™ Mortar in the “Coarse-sanded grade (G) can even be used as a final top coat for exterior applications
  • F – Creates a smooth, slightly matte finish coat which is commonly found on old rough plaster walls.
  • Xtra-Fine Exterior – Creates a very smooth finish for exterior applications
  • Xtra-Fine Interior – Made in America. Based on a high calcium hydrated lime and a pozzolanic additive to give it a hydraulic set. Used to produce various extremely smooth final finishes such as historically smooth lime plaster walls. The material can also be used to produce polished plaster finishes such as “Tadelakt” or a broad array of “Venetian” styled finishes with additional methods and materials utilized for corresponding end results.

Color variations available:

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