About Specific LimeWorks.us Workshop Programs

Architects and Engineers should know about a special offer for them to observe workshops and earn learning units!

Architects, Engineers and their firms are invited to observe the MAS-01 workshop and hear supporting information on what to consider when writing a specification for proper historic brick and stone repointing. Architects, Engineers and their firms are also invited to observe the MAS-06 workshop to hear supporting information on what to consider when writing a specification for a proper brick and stone patching repair using the unequaled product called Lithomex. Observing these programs will help professionals in their field to know what to look for when judging the quality of work regarding if it is or is not being carried out in a good and workmanlike manner. The cost is $60 per participant, per program. 4 Learning Units can be self-reported for on-going education for each program attended.

Companies or organizations with 10 or more participants

May qualify for the MAS-01 (Basics of Repointing Brick & Stone Using Lime Mortar) training program at their location. We’ll work around your schedule too!

Call 215-536-1776 for details.

Who are the trainers and what certificates are offered?

Most all of the standard workshops are taught by the Technical Install Team from LimeWorks.us using the LimeWorks.us product line. Some workshops are taught by specialists in certain masonry art forms as we bring them in on an occasional or a regular basis. Each workshop participant receives a Certificate of Completion mailed to them within two weeks of the program. If the program is for “Certified Installer” or “Certified Trainer” status then the participant who successfully passes the validated training program associated with the products will receive a corresponding certificate which states that they have successfully passed the class and the term for which they are authorized to install or train on products. Certified Installer status may be required on projects where a historic preservation specification was put into place by an Historic Preservation Architect that requires only Certified Installers who have attended our training program which meets ASTM E-2659 Standard Practice for a Certificate Program to be able to bid on the project or be allowed to install the specialized LimeWorks.us products. This level of scrutiny is suggested to architects in order to insure that the products are installed to the highest industry standards. Trainer status is only given to those who have previously become a Certified Installer of a certain product and have passed the “Certified Trainer Program.” The Certified Trainer Program is also a validated program which is monitored by the LimeWorks.us staff and meets the ASTM E-2659 Standard Practice for a Certificate Program to test and approve that the Trainer also properly conducts the training class in the manner which the program is designed to be taught.

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