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One quick question on Natural Hydraulic Lime, FAQ Friday

Fall has arrived, this morning it was in the 40s! Randy has quick answer today in his FAQ entry… Q: Does your Ecologic mortar product contain just sand and lime pre-mixed (what are the major contents) with no cement and all I would need to do is to add water? A: Ecologic™ Mortar is a […]

Techniques for Plastering a Wall, FAQ Friday

Q: I have painted drywall in my home and would like a lime plaster finish. How can I achieve this? A: There are many ways to achieve a lime plaster finish over painted drywall. The first issue to address is who is going to do the work? If you hire a good plasterer then they […]

Differences Between Repointing with Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) Mortars vs. Cement Based Mortars FAQ

Q: Is pointing with lime different from pointing with cement? I’ve done work with cement but I want to know what the differences are for application and general use for repointing my old house. Can you help? A: When you refer to pointing, I am thinking you are referring to repointing mortar joints. As with any masonry […]

FAQ Friday

Hooray, Today is Friday! Another rainy weekend will be upon us here in Pennsylvania, but now it’s time for another FAQ Friday with Randy Ruth. Today’s question is another very common question on the use of lime mortars vs. cement. After you finish reading please visit our new facebook page and “Like” us… Q: Could […]