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List of Nearby Hotels

The Washington House (~1.6 miles away) Official website 4 Star Hotel ★★★★☆ Colonial-era historic hotel and restaurant Call Washington House directly at 215-257-3000 rather than booking a room online. Mention and receive our special discounted room rates which are not available otherwise.   Econo Lodge (~9 miles away) Official website About $109*, 3 Star […]

Los Cinco Pasos Más Importantes Para la Preparación del Producto

English / Inglés – Descargable PDF La aplicación de la lima-para rellenar (lime plaster) es muy simila a la aplicación del Cemento Stucco. Unos pasos preventivos muy importantes de seguir para obtener buenos resultados:  PROTEJA EL TRABAJO USANDO COBERTURAS DE PLÁSTICO El control de sanar y extraer son los factores más importantes. Entre más lento es el […]

Lime Paints User Recomendations – Guide

Vibrant and beautiful, the St Astier lime paint range is the perfect compliment to lime plaster, render and harling, suitable for most backgrounds. Can be applied to gypsum plasters, lining paper, cement and lime backgrounds, bricks, blocks and untreated timber. Mixing: The general ratio is 1 volume of powder to 2 volumes of clean water. […]

Render on Wooden Lath – Guide

External rendering on wooden lath using St. Astier products. Timber framed buildings, historic or new construction have a tendency to greater movement than solid masonry construction, particularly new green timber construction.To achieve the maximum degree of tolerance to movement in a render on wooden lath, a low strength mortar of exceptional modulus of elasticity should be […]

Render on Metal Lath – Guide

External Plastering (Rendering on Metal Lath Using St. Astier Products) The main difficulty in working on lath is ensuring the lath is suitable for the job. Metal laths come in a wide variety of types and designs, some of which have specific functions and are not suitable for a broad range of rendering applications. It […]

Sands for NHL Mortars – Guide

Choosing the correct sand when making a mortar is of extreme importance. Sands should be clean and uncontaminated by clay/silt. These occur in the range from #300 and below and the most effective method to establish their presence is the wet sieve analysis. Normal dry sieve analysis does not accurately reveal the presence of clay […]