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Replica Lithomex Brick for Charleston Old City Jail

The 2012 APT/ IPTW Joint Preservation Conference is almost here. We’ve been busy preparing for the workshop we’ll be participating in at the Old City Jail (American College for the Building Arts). Check out this video of Randy preparing some replica brick made of Lithomex for the workshop. Also, keep any eye out for blog […]

Restoring the Historic French Quarter with Breathable Lime Mortar

Founded in 1718, the French Quarter or Vieux Carré is the oldest neighborhood of New Orleans. Much of the quarter’s historic buildings were constructed before New Orleans even became part of the United States. Built extensively with lime mortars before the invention of portland cement, the iconic french quarter is a standing testament to the […]

Yes, We Can Save The Frank Furness 19th Street Baptist Church

This beautiful church was designed by Frank Furness and is located at the corner of 19th and Titan in South Philadelphia.  It almost went the way of many Furness structures; due to neglect and time the church leadership is under pressure to begin repairs or plan for it to be demolished due to unsafe conditions […]