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Making NHL Mortar – Guide

NHL Mortar preparation: can be mixed in normal Mortar mixers. Put approx two-thirds the amount of water, one third the amount of sand and all the lime followed by the remaining amount of sand and additional water until the required consistency is achieved. Mortar should be mixed for at least 10 minutes. Greater workability and […]

Cladding – Guide

St. Astier NHL products for use with masonry cladding. For the purpose of this document Masonry Cladding means thin sections of masonry each one fixed back to a frame or substructure or to themselves. The masonry will generally be between 1 1/2″ to 2 3/4″ thick. Its main function will be decorative. Many cladding designs […]

Ashlar Joints – Guide

Traditional ashlar jointing and bedding mortars were made with lime and crushed chalk, usually with a small amount of crushed stone or sand added for bulk. This was mixed on a marble slab with just enough linseed oil to grease the tools, it was made up into a consistency similar to stiff glazing putty, wrapped […]

NHL Mortars: Consumption Chart – Guide

NHL products are bought by weight but mixed by volume. Their low density in comparison with other binders means that with the same weight one would produce up to three times the amount of mortar. Binder consumption for 1cu. yard of mortar: volume /weight comparison     Average Volumetric Mixes – lbs/cu.yd Binder Density (lbs/cu.yd […]